2 boats for 1 single subscription.

This is the innovative concept of our offer: with the same subscription, you benefit from the use of two boats of your choice, one electric and the other thermal. Why this choice? Because we want to accelerate our transition to electricity, but we also understand the needs of our subscribers. We offer you two different ways to sail aboard these nature-friendly boats, for different sailing routes. Become a member of the RAND club.

You want to switch to an electric boat, but you hesitate because sometimes you travel long distances? We have the solution…

The RAND Play 24 : 1390€/month all included

Two new RAND Play 24s, which can accommodate 10 people on board, are available to you in your unlimited subscription, which includes:

• the berth
• the interview
• insurance
• coaching

12 month commitment • 6 subscribers maximum on board • 2 unlimited renewable reservation tokens. Available at Marines de Cogolin, at our partner Upscale Expérience.

Electric version: the sound of silence

With its 170 kW E-Drive motor, you will be surprised by its power, but above all, by its silence. Ideal for your half-day outings, you will inevitably be seduced by its silent driving, a real new way of looking at yachting along the coves and coastlines of the Mediterranean. RAND Boats offers electric propulsion systems that reinforce the sustainable approach and feeling of freedom on the water. No more hassle of waiting at the service station at the end of the day, you simply go back to your seat and plug the boat in to find it at 100% the next day. An Aqua superPower fast charger system is also available free of charge on your pontoon.


Thermal version: performance

With its latest-generation 250 hp Mercruiser 4.5L engine and its low consumption, you can set off for long trips at sea. It is the same configuration as the electric model: capacity for 8 people on board, possibility of converting the table and its circular XL sun lounger. Quick charger, hooks for water sports, refrigerator drawer, retractable bimini, Sono Bang & Olufsen, bow thruster, electric windlass, what more could you ask for?

A sustainable luxury boat

Lightweight construction is fundamental in order to achieve superior performance and low fuel or electricity consumption depending on engine choice. The RAND Play 24 consumes much less than traditional boats and will be THE ecological choice in the field of water sports, even if you opt for a modern gasoline engine. The materials used for the construction are developed from recycled plastics and bio-based hybrids, the woods are from sustainable forests in order to optimize the environmental impact and create the best possible solution.

électrique thermique

Electric (170kW) or thermal (250CV)


10 people max

largeur (1)

250 CV

Longueur (1)




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The most common questions:

For this, we have implemented several rules and tips.

First of all, we limit the number of unlimited subscribers to 6 and almost all of our boats are available all year round (excluding annual maintenance). This represents, depending on the area, between 600 and 900 outing slots available to be shared per year.

Then, thanks to our technology, boats can be booked by the hour. It is therefore possible that several subscribers can take advantage of the same time slot. For example, a fisherman can decide to go out from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., and the boat will be available from 9:30 a.m. for another subscriber the rest of the morning. This therefore multiplies the number of slots available to subscribers and it is not uncommon for our boats to go out 3 to 4 times a day with different subscribers.

Finally, we have implemented the token policy, to limit the number of time slots blocked by a subscriber and thus always leave the possibility for other subscribers to join the schedule. For example, if you have 2 tokens available with your subscription, you can reserve 2 slots which often correspond to 2 ½ days. You can therefore book 2 ½ days on different dates or 1 full day.

You collect your token at the start of the trip concerned and can thus book your next trip for the following days if the boat is available.

This technique, proven for 3 years, makes it possible to streamline the schedule and guarantee everyone equal access to the boat and in no way limits the number of possible outings per subscriber.

The token system is a very fair system for each member of a boat. It allows each subscriber to block reservation slots.

The fact that the tokens are limited in number for each subscriber makes it possible to guarantee permanent availability. Ex: like the other members, you have 2 reservation tokens. If there are 6 members on the boat, there can be up to 12 slots blocked on the schedule but no more because as long as your tokens are not consumed, it is not possible to add others. Ditto for the other subscribers.

The mobile application only reassigns tokens to you from the moment you have consumed your output. Equity guaranteed for each member thanks to this system! And no possibility of reservation abuse by one member or another.

No, it is not possible to pay the advertised price of the monthly subscription. The monthly rate is valid for an entire year. This is a payment facility that requires a minimum commitment of 12 months.

No, for legal reasons and mainly related to insurance, the contract is nominative.

The captain of the boat is responsible for the boat in the contract, and must be on board at each outing. However, you can take as many people (friends or family) as the capacity of the boat allows.

On the other hand, we offer a duo offer: 2 tokens to be shared with a loved one, who will only pay 25% of the subscription amount.

There is a maximum of 6 Liberty Pass subscribers per boat. Exceptional cases, à la carte, can make it possible to optimize the use of the boat.