How can we guarantee that your boat will always be available?

It's a valid question, and one that deserves to be asked.

How can you be sure that by becoming a Liberty Pass member you'll always have a boat available when you want to book?

Naturally, we've designed this subscription to ensure that your boat is always available when you choose Liberty Pass.

Because that's the crux of the matter: what's the point of being a member of a boat club if you never have a place to sail when you want?

We'll explain to you in all transparency how we guarantee you'll always have a boat available on subscription: 

We have a very limited number of Liberty Pass members per boat.

For an unlimited subscription, for example, you will be a maximum of 6 members per boat each year.

Then you have a reservation token system on the mobile app to book your outing.

Depending on the fleet and city, you'll get one or two reservation tokens.

Example: you have 1 reservation token, you place it on the schedule and choose to reserve a sea trip. 

Until you have used up your reservation slot, until you have used up your token, you cannot book another slot. 

Ditto for other members.

This means that on a 365-day schedule, if you are 6 members for example, you will see on the reservation schedule a maximum of 5 slots reserved in addition to your own.

You have to admit, that's another 359 days of availability!

And in the case of 2 tokens, you'll be able to reserve two slots, and you could see 10 other reservation slots posted on the schedule of your Liberty Pass application. So you still have 353 days of visibility... Simple, isn't it?

And all this applies equally to the high and low seasons, except for sailing boats.

That's pretty reassuring, isn't it?

Liberty Pass

Liberty Pass offers you the best alternative to ownership and charter. Subscribe to the boat of your dreams, free from the constraints of ownership, and sail where you want, when you want, from €199/month, all inclusive.

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