Dear boater,

Make the most of your boat in complete safety!

Are you a boat owner? What if sharing your boat could earn you some extra cash?

Renting is an obvious solution, but does an occasional user take care of your boat as if it were his own? Not always...

The result: premature wear and tear, rapid and regular damage, high repair costs and money down the drain.

With a few select subscribers, opt for the eco-sharing solution.

Rely on Liberty Pass, the number 1 in boatsharing, to select your boat's few users for you, in complete safety.

Your subscribers will take care of your boat as if it were their own, and will want to find it in good condition every time they go out. What's more, each subscriber is coached by a professional in charge of monitoring your boat and its use, all year round.

Liberty Pass will pay you monthly subscription revenues, enabling you to reduce or even eliminate the costs associated with your boat (maintenance, mooring, insurance, financing). Depending on your own use of the boat, we'll recruit 3 to 6 subscribers.

You can now simulate your income in just a few clicks.

And join the Liberty Pass adventure, like hundreds of owners who have already placed their trust in us.

profitable and safe

Thanks to #1 in boat-sharing

you generate income

with your boat

Thanks to the No. 1 in boat-sharing, you can generate recurring income from your boat.

Up to 6 subscribers pay you a fixed monthly fee to use your boat.

Your boat is professionally managed, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

The schedule is managed by an algorithm, and check-in and check-out are secure.

Reduce your costs

Then you've come to the right place: you can share the use of your boat with Liberty Pass subscribers while keeping control of your boat and your schedule thanks to a mobile application and a connected boat. 


Boat price: €73200
Monthly income:
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