Liberty Pass: simple, autonomous operation

Liberty Pass is :

All-inclusive sailing subscription (boat financing, berth, maintenance, insurance and coaching)

An unlimited number of outings

6 subscribers maximum per boat

A 12-month commitment only

Boat sharing is a new trend that responds to today's boating issues using digital tools: 

- The boat owner has to bear considerable costs even though he has limited use of his boat.

- The number of berths is very limited in relation to the number of sailors who have no other way of navigating.

- The cost of buying and owning a boat limits access to ownership.

- Pooling manufactured goods is an alternative way of limiting our environmental footprint.

That's why we created Liberty Pass, an economically equitable solution.

Reservation tokens

For dayboats:

Our token system is a mechanism that guarantees boat availability. Each token allows you to reserve a trip. On the day, as soon as you start the boat, you get your token back to reserve again. Once you've laid down all your tokens, you can no longer reserve. Each subscriber generally has two tokens (half-day reservations), renewable ad infinitum. With 2 tokens, the subscriber can reserve a whole day, or two separate half-days.

For cruises :

The system is the same as for dayboats, with the difference that a token lasts for one day, and the number of tokens is higher, since the subscriber can cruise with the boat for up to 2 weeks at a time, and spend several nights on board.


Getting the boat keys

Collecting your boat keys couldn't be easier. Go to the boat and open the key box with your Liberty Pass mobile app.

Check-in / check-out

The application lets you check-in and check-out independently. Check-in involves checking the condition of the boat, the safety equipment on board, the correct operation of the electronics and engines, the fuel level, and reporting any anomalies to your coach.
When you return to port, the check-out is just as simple, and is used to confirm the condition in which you have left the boat: cleanliness, fuel, mooring lines.
You can report any problems or damage at any time.
This automated check-in and check-out system guarantees you a smooth experience with complete confidence.

To sum up:

I reserve a slot with my reservation tokens via the app.

I get the keys to the boat.

I check-in via the mobile application.

I'm enjoying my outing in the slot I've reserved.

I check out the boat back at port.

Frequently asked questions :

To achieve this, we've put in place a number of rules and tricks.

First of all, we limit the number of unlimited subscribers to 6, and almost all our boats are available all year round (excluding annual maintenance). Depending on the zone, this represents between 600 and 900 available slots to share per year.

Secondly, thanks to our technology, boats can be booked by the hour. It is therefore possible for several subscribers to use the same time slot. For example, a fisherman may decide to go out from 5am to 9am, and the boat will be available from 9:30am for another subscriber for the rest of the morning. This multiplies the number of slots available to subscribers, and it's not unusual for our boats to be out 3 or 4 times a day with different subscribers.

Finally, we've introduced a token policy, to limit the number of slots blocked by a subscriber, so that other subscribers always have the chance to join the schedule. For example, if you have 2 tokens available with your subscription, you can reserve 2 slots that often correspond to 2 ½ days. You can therefore reserve 2 ½ days on different dates, or 1 full day.

You collect your token at the start of the outing and can book your next outing for the following days if the boat is available.

This technique, which has been tried and tested over the past 3 years, ensures smooth scheduling and equal access to the boat for all, and in no way limits the number of outings possible per subscriber.

The token system is a very fair system for each member of a boat. It allows each subscriber to block reservation slots.

The fact that tokens are limited in number for each subscriber guarantees availability at all times. E.g.: like the other members, you have 2 reservation tokens. If there are 6 members on the boat, you can have up to 12 slots blocked on the schedule, but no more, because as long as your tokens have not been used up, it is not possible to place others. The same applies to other subscribers.

The mobile app only reallocates tokens once you've used up your outing. This system guarantees fairness for every member! And there's no possibility of abuse of reservations by one member or another.

No, it is not possible to pay the advertised monthly subscription rate. The monthly rate is valid for a full year. This is a payment option that requires a minimum 12-month commitment. 

No, for legal and mainly insurance reasons, the contract is nominative.

The boat captain is responsible for the boat under the contract, and must be on board for every trip. However, you can take as many people (friends or family) as the boat's capacity allows.

There is a maximum of 6 Liberty Pass subscribers per boat. Exceptional cases, à la carte, can optimize the use of the boat.