Rigiflex Cap 400

Aven Belon  
Year: 2022
4 persons
6 CV
4 x 1.90 m

Subscription conditions

Contract : 12-month renewable contract
Fuel : Not included


Availability: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Reservations : Up to 12 hours before departure
Cancellation : More than 12 hours before departure
Tokens : 2 reservation token(s)
Our token system is a mechanism that guarantees boat availability. Each token allows you to reserve a trip. On the day, as soon as you start the boat, you get your token back to reserve again. Once you've laid down all your tokens, you can no longer make a reservation. Each subscriber has two tokens (half-day reservations), renewable ad infinitum. With 2 tokens, the subscriber can reserve a whole day, or two separate half-days.

Your coach

Aven Belon Marine
David has been with Belon Marine since 2021, and before that he spent twelve years in a boatyard. His experience enables him to manage both maintenance and sales of motorboats. David concentrates on helping his subscribers acquire autonomy on their boats. He gives them the time they need to master the maneuvers. David is always available and responsive to intervene on boats when needed. He makes it a point of honor to offer a quality service to his subscribers, ready to help them in any situation. His own little paradise is the Glénan Archipelago, an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the seascape.
89 € / month