Alize Electronic Lagon 55

Saint Florent  
7 people
6 CV
5.5 x 1.8 m

Boat equipment

Unlicensed electrically propelled boat, equipped with a 3kw motor (equivalent to 6 HP)

Subscription conditions

Contract : 12-month renewable contract
Fuel : Not included


Availability: 5 a.m. to midnight
Reservations : Up to 24 hours before departure
Cancellation : More than 12 hours before departure
Tokens : 2 reservation token(s)
Our token system is a mechanism that guarantees boat availability. Each token allows you to reserve a trip. On the day, as soon as you start the boat, you get your token back to reserve again. Once you've laid down all your tokens, you can no longer make a reservation. Each subscriber has two tokens (half-day reservations), renewable ad infinitum. With 2 tokens, the subscriber can reserve a whole day, or two separate half-days.

Your coach

Your coach is your privileged contact throughout your subscription. He's always ready to listen, and makes it a point of honor to offer you a tailor-made service and an unforgettable experience. His availability, experience and responsiveness make him an expert who is always ready to help you during your subscription.
139 € / month