Liberty Pass adopts the Yacht Attitude

Launched in May 2022, the Liberty Pass Yachting is the alter ego of the Liberty Pass season ticket, with an exceptional yachts version.
It gives you access to yachts from 30 to 60 feet.

A yacht available immediately, for 4 to 5 times less, with no strings attached.

The concept is similar to the Liberty Pass, making it the ideal alternative to yacht purchases. 

It is now possible to become a privileged member of a yacht, by subscription.

This new alternative is a breakthrough in the constraints of yachting: a breakthrough in terms of cost, time and peace of mind. The boat is available immediately, for 4 to 5 times less, with no constraints.

Thanks to its various formulas, this 100% digital concept gives sea lovers the chance to sail unlimited, all year round, on prestigious yachts. The formulas include various types of coaching to accompany members towards autonomy.

The yachts are managed by professionals, in charge of coaching subscribers, boat preparation and maintenance, berthing and insurance. Some formulas are supervised by a captain, either permanently or for the first outings, to make sure you get the hang of things.

Subscribers can therefore enjoy cruises ranging from 2 to 10 consecutive days, as many times as they like throughout the year.

" Liberty Pass Yachting is a revolution, because we've gone from a time when owning a yacht was the norm for yacht lovers, to a notion of experience that has much greater added value for our customers today," explains Romuald Poirot, co-founder of Liberty Pass Yachting.

Liberty Pass Yachting already offers: a Nautitech 44a Key Largo 34a Galeon Fly 500a Grand Banks 50...a diversified range of quality boats to suit the needs and desires of every boater. 

Liberty Pass

Liberty Pass offers you the best alternative to ownership and charter. Subscribe to the boat of your dreams, free from the constraints of ownership, and sail where you want, when you want, from €199/month, all inclusive.

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